Company Policies

Use of Equipment

All Company property – including desks, storage areas, work areas, lockers, file cabinets,
credenzas, computer systems, office telephones, cellular telephones, modems, facsimile
machines, duplicating machines, copying machines and vehicles – must be used properly and
maintained in good working order. Employees who lose, steal, or misuse Company property
may be personally liable for replacing or repairing the item.
The Company reserves the right, at all times and without further notice, to inspect and
search all Company property for the purpose of determining whether this policy or any other
policy of the Company has been violated, or when an inspection and investigation is necessary
for purposes of promoting safety in the workplace or compliance with state and federal laws.
These inspections may be conducted during or outside of business hours and in the presence or
absence of the affected employee.
To protect the Company’s legitimate business interests, the Company reserves the right to
question and inspect or search any employee or other individual entering or leaving Company
premises, with or without notice. The inspection or search may include any packages or items
that the individual may be carrying, including briefcases, handbags, knapsacks, shopping bags, et
cetera. The individual may be requested to display the contents of any packages and/or turn out
his or her pockets, et cetera, in the presence of a representative of the Company, typically a
management employee of the same gender.
Whether information is entered or sent during or outside of working time, employees
have no right of privacy as to any information or file maintained in or on Company property or
transmitted or stored through Company computer systems, voice mail, e-mail or other technical
resources. If, during the course of your employment, you perform or transmit work on Company
computer systems or other technical resources, your work may be subject to the investigation,
search and review of others in accordance with this policy. In addition, any electronically stored
communications that you either send to or receive from others may be retrieved and reviewed
when doing so serves the legitimate business interests and obligations of the Company.
Employees should use the computer systems only for business purposes. Using e-mail or
the Internet for personal, non-business, purposes is prohibited during working time (as that term
is defined in the Solicitation/Distribution of Literature section below).
Employees may access only electronic files or programs that they have permission to
enter. Unauthorized copying or use of computer software exposes both the Company and the
individual employee to substantial fines and/or imprisonment. Therefore, employees may not
load personal software onto the Company’s computer system, and may not copy software from
the Company for personal use. All employees must contact the (insert title of appropriate
Company representative) to install any software on the Company’s computer system.

Unauthorized review, duplication, dissemination, removal, installation, damage or alteration of
files, passwords, computer systems or programs, or other property of the Company, or improper
use of information obtained by unauthorized means, will not be tolerated.
Messages stored and/or transmitted by voice mail or e-mail must not contain content that
may reasonably be considered offensive or disruptive to any employee. Offensive content would
include, but not be limited to, sexual comments or images, racial slurs, gender-specific
comments or any comments or images that would offend someone on the basis of his or her age,
sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, national origin or disability.
Unacceptable Use of the Internet
In addition to the requirements stated above, use of the Internet must not disrupt the
operation of the Company network or the networks of other users, and must not interfere with the
productivity of any employee. Copyrighted materials belonging to entities other than this
Company may not be transmitted by employees on the Internet. One copy of copyrighted
material may be downloaded for an employee’s personal use in research if pre-approved by the
employee’s manager. Employees are not permitted to copy, transfer, rename, add or delete
information or programs belonging to other users unless given express permission to do so by the
owner of such information or programs.
Employees should be aware that harassment of any kind is prohibited. No messages with
derogatory or inflammatory remarks about an individual or group’s age, disability, gender, race,
religion, national origin, physical attributes, sexual preference or any other classification
protected by federal, state or local law will be transmitted.

Employee Responsibilities
Employees will be given an electronic mail password when granted access to the Internet
or the Company’s electronic mail system. Employees may change these passwords from time to
time; however, all passwords must be made known to the Company. Because your system may
need to be accessed by the Company when you are absent, the Computer Department will be
able to access all Company computer equipment, electronic mail and Internet accounts.
Each employee is responsible for the content of all text, audio or images that they place
or send over the Internet. All messages communicated on the Internet should have your name
attached. No messages will be transmitted under an assumed name. Employees or other users
may not attempt to obscure the origin of any message. Employees who wish to express personal
opinions on the Internet are encouraged to obtain their own user names on other Internet systems.
To prevent computer viruses from being transmitted through the system, employees are
not authorized to download any software onto their computer or any drive in that computer.
Employees interested in obtaining software from the Internet should contact the Computer

Computer and System Security
All computers and the data stored on them are and remain at all times the property of the
Company. As such, all messages created, sent or retrieved over the Internet or the Company’s
electronic mail system are the property of the Company, and should be considered public
information. The Company reserves the right to retrieve and read any message composed, sent
or received on the Company’s computer equipment and electronic mail system. Employees
should be aware that, even when a message is deleted or erased, it is still possible to recreate the
message; therefore, ultimate privacy of a message cannot be ensured to anyone. Accordingly,
Internet and electronic mail messages are public communication and are not private.
Furthermore, all communications, including text and images, can be disclosed to law
enforcement or other third parties without prior consent of, or notice to, the sender or the

Violations of any guidelines listed above may result in disciplinary action up to and
including termination. In addition, the Company may advise appropriate legal officials of any
illegal violations. This policy is in no way intended to modify the at-will nature of employment
with the Company.

Solicitation/Distribution of Literature
The Company has established rules applicable to all employees that govern solicitation or
distribution of written material during working time and entry onto the premises and work areas.
All employees are expected to comply strictly with these Company rules.
• No employee shall solicit or promote support for any cause or organization during his or her
working time or during the working time of the employee or employees at whom such
activity is directed.
• No employee shall distribute or circulate any written or printed material in work areas at any
time, or during his or her working time, or during the working time of the employee or
employees at whom such activity is directed.
• Under no circumstances will non-employees be permitted to solicit or to distribute written
material for any purpose on Company property.
• Off duty employees are not permitted in areas not open to the public.
As used in this policy, “working time” includes all time for which an employee is paid
and/or is scheduled to be performing services for the Company. It does not include break
periods, meal periods or periods in which an employee is not performing and is not scheduled to
be performing services or work for the Company.

Bulletin Boards
Bulletin boards are reserved for the exclusive use of the Company for posting workrelated notices or notices which must be posted pursuant to local, state and federal law. From
time to time, the Company will post special notices and information for employees on the
bulletin boards. Please check the boards regularly for such notices. Employee postings are not